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  1. NES library was special because it was a mix of lot of genres and a revolution in gaming. A lot of great gems : NINJA gaiden , Chip n dale , Ducktales , Darkwing duck , COntra , tank , jackal , gradius , metal storm, Castlevania , ghost busters, bucky o hare , Shatterhand , Projec vice doom to name a few NES library was vast and is still is a goldmine..sadly we got only shitty pirate multicarts with repeated limited games here for the most part..thanks to emulation the games live on
  2. easily on my top ten NES games list..its ridiculously overpriced to buy original cart and is very sought after and quite rare. Played it a lot but never bear it This and three eyes boy are legendary! ( google it)
  3. HI Guys anyone know if sapphire nitro 5700 will be released in india and what price..amd navi supposed to be cheaper than Ngreedia cards but dont see any good pricing yet
  4. One of the most immersive games and a benchmark in game development...Dont rush through the game you will regret it,,you have to role play..For any new player I suggest not do all side content in one playthrough or you will be ovelevled and game will get boring in the last act..Do not let the quest level difference be more than 3 levels
  5. Hi I am visiting mumbai next month..was trying to find parts for my old windows 98 PC build any leads will be appreciated
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