12 GB super slim PS3 with PS Move announced for Rs 18,990

Sony has officially announced a 12 GB super slim PS3 bundle for Diwali. Priced at Rs 18,990, this bundle will include the 12 GB super slim PS3 as well as the Playstation Move Starter Kit (PS Eye camera + one Move controller) and a copy of Move Street Cricket.

Just last week, Sony released a 500 GB version of the super slim PS3 with a copy of Uncharted 3 Game of the Year Edition and Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition for Rs 19,990.

As a core gamer, the 500 GB bundle definitely seems like a better choice since the 12 GB flash memory will run out quite fast. However, if you do enjoy motion controlled gaming and don’t plan on installing a bunch of games to your hard drive, the new bundle could be up your alley.

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