Audiosurf’s successor, Audioshield will use VR

Take the best parts out of Audiosurf, add in VR, and you end up punching the air to the tunes of your own music library.


Audioshield, the follow-up to the acclaimed Audiosurf series, will use virtual reality to create an entirely different way to ‘see’ music. Similar to its predecessor, Audioshield will analyse any music and create a virtual playground, where you literally hit music notes with your hands.

Developer Dylan Fitterer shared the first look of the game in action. The video was shot with a green screen to superimpose gameplay to show us what the player is experiencing.

The gameplay currently seems a bit streamlined, but surely will include a lot of additional challenges and difficulties, similar to Audiosurf.

Also like Audiosurf, every song will have its own leaderboard and you will be able to stream music from your local library or SoundCloud.

Audioshield will release this April, and will be available on Steam.

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