Battlefield 3 video contest winner

If the entries in our FIFA 13 video contest were great, the ones in our recently concluded Battlefield 3 video contest are nothing short of amazing, exhibiting slick editing with elite skills to match.


We’ve picked the four entries that we thought were the very best, and you can check them out on our YouTube channel, but you can see all the entries in our contest entry thread here.

There can only be one winner though, and from the four shortlisted entries, it was wckftw!’s montage that we felt deserved to win the most, not only for the skills on display, but its masterful editing, where each headshot was synced with the music.

As his prize, wckftw! will receive a copy of Battlefield 4 on the platform of his choice courtesy our contest sponsor Congrats!

Now, here is that winning entry:

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