Brigitte joins Overwatch as the 27th hero , game sees a two week discount at 50% off

Brigitte, better known as Hero 27 until recently has joined Overwatch. Brigitte was playable a few days ago and was originally revealed in the Reinhardt origin comic.She is the 27th hero to be revealed after Moira.

Designed as a tank-support hybrid hero Brigitte inverts the traditional healer support trope on its head. With a robust health pool and the ability to take some damage, she is most likely to be found on the frontline buffing DPS and other tank-ier characters while protecting the dedicated support characters. Here is her origin story trailer,

Read more about Brigitte here. You can now grab Blizzard’s acclaimed team based hero shooter for up to 50% off.


This offer is valid from January 21 to March 6,

Title Platform Original price Discounted price
Overwatch Origins Edition PC ₹ 3,299 ₹ 1,999
Overwatch Origins Edition PlayStation 4 ₹ 3,999 ₹ 1,999
Overwatch Origins Edition Xbox One ₹ 3,999 ₹ 1,999

The Origins Edition of the title nabs you the following goodies apart from the base game itself,

  • Blackwatch Reyes Reaper skin
  • Strike-Commander Morrison Soldier: 76 skin
  • Overgrown Bastion skin
  • Security Chief Pharah skin
  • Slipstream Tracer skin

Apart from the above, you will also get Overwatch-themed content for other Blizzard Entertainment games

  • Heroes of the Storm – Tracer Hero
  • World of Warcraft – Baby Winston Pet
  • StarCraft II Portraits
  • Hearthstone Cardback
  • Diablo 3 – Mercy Wings

This offer is valid at GamesTheShop (online and offline), Flipkart, and Amazon. There are discounts on other Blizzard titles as well like Diablo III and StarCraft II. The offer is valid until April 3rd.

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