IVG FIFA 09 League Challenge begins tonight

In terms on online gaming, few games on the IVG forums have seen as much activity, participation, and enthusiasm as FIFA 09. In fact, I’m pretty sure no other game comes close. We started with our IVG FIFA 09 club, creatively named IndianVideoGamer FC. Then came the IndianVideoGamer league, which also saw heavy participation from IVG members. To add to this, IVG member DaN has come up with another one of his ingenious ideas – the FIFA 09 League Challenge. And all this is only on the PS3 side of things; the FIFA 09 has seen a just as robust online community on IVG for the Xbox 360.

Starting midnight tonight (January 18) up until February 18, IVG members will begin the FIFA 09 League Challenge, where up to 32 players (we have 28 so far) can compete with one another in a league format over the PlayStation Network. To make things more interesting, players can only compete using teams with a 2-star rating, which means that thankfully the cyborgs of Manchester United don’t make the cut.

To sweeten the deal further, DaN, also commonly referred to as IVG’s Santa, is also giving away a Nike football jersey and a copy of Killzone 2 to the winner – the member who sits on top of the league table when it concludes on February 18. There are still four slots open and registration ends at midnight. For instructions on how to register and the rules, terms and conditions of the FIFA 09 League Challenge, head over to the IVG Community forums here.

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