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Gran Turismo 5 Contest Winners

Our Gran Turismo 5 contest had fewer correct answers than any of our prior contests, and that’s down to the complexity of the questions we asked. After all, a GT5 Signature Edition was at stake, so we had to ensure that the winner knew his/her motorsports. Besides the awesome Signature Edition, we also have three standard edition copies of GT5 to give away.

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Before we get to the winners though, here are the eight correct answers:
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Suzuka Circuit

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Circuit de la Sarthe or Le Mans

[singlepic id=2405 w=400 float=center]

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

[singlepic id=2397 w=400 float=center]

Toyota Supra

[singlepic id=2398 w=400 float=center]

TVR Tamora

[singlepic id=2399 w=400 float=center]

Citroen C4

[singlepic id=2400 w=400 float=center]

Alfa Romeo 8C

And here are the four winners

Signature Edition:
Anush Karthik – Argruid

Standard Edition:
Gautam Sriram – Shadoken
Udit Singh – Zodak911
Bhrigu Sawhney – unconscious_sabotage

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants. Be sure you come back for our Game of The Year celebrations later this month. Of course, there are prizes to be won.

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