Harada: Tekken Wii-U to be 60fps

Katsuhiro Harada confirms Tekken title for Wii-U to run at 60fps and make use of the console’s touch screen controls.

Namco Bandai’s title was revealed at E3 2011 along with other software releases for Nintendo’s upcoming console, Wii-U. Harada sounded impressed with his impression of Wii-U and adds that the console has very low image latency.

“The speed of the image transmission feature from the screen to the controller is impressive. The development team’s goal is to get the fighting game running at 60fps,” Harada revealed.

“In reality most games offer a variable frame rate of no more than 20fps to 40fps,” he said. “But one of our major objectives will be to fix the frame rate of our game at 60 so it becomes a match about movements and no longer a match about visuals” remarked Harada, also adding “Of course, with a frame rate of 30 images per second, we still get very nice visuals, but you can’t compare our 60fps games with those that have low frame rates – we’re taking the fight into an entirely different dimension altogether.”

Wii-U is set for a Q4 2012 release.

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