Hide your kids; SKOAR! is back!

icon_news1SKOAR!, the Indian gaming magazine…the only Indian gaming magazine, which always seemed to be embroiled in one controversy after another before finally being shut down, is back. Its distasteful editorial style, which included liberal use of F-bombs and openly abusing its own readers, was only one of the many reasons for Skoar quickly falling out of favour with even its most ardent readers. Including pirated games on free discs was right up there too.

[singlepic id= 703 w=200 h=297 float=left]But things have changed since Skoar was shut down. The publisher, Jasubhai, has since been acquired by 9dot9, and editorial staff at Skoar has been revamped. March will see the re-launch of Skoar, and judging by the cover, it seems there’s a page or two dedicated to Killzone 2 in the new issue.

Unfortunately, the pricing is still rather high; Rs 200 per copy. And to celebrate the re-launch, you can order a special personalised copy of the March issue, where you can have custom text printed at the top of the cover. That will set you back Rs 250, and you can order it here.

Despite the magazine’s sketchy past, I for one am looking forward to this new issue. Here’s hoping Skoar can be turned around and into a magazine that Indian gamers can be proud of and truly call their own.

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