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Hideo Kojima decides to skip E3

It’s hard to keep track of all the pre-E3 speculation around the Metal Gear Solid franchise, from a possible PS3 port of Peace Walker, to the rumoured announcement of MGS5, to Metal Gear Solid: Rising being outsourced to Platinum Games. The series’ legendary creator Hideo Kojima has already put one rumour to rest – MGS5 won’t be announced at E3. And today any hopes fans may have had of MGS bombshells being dropped at E3 were dashed when Kojima announced on Twitter that he has decided not to attend E3 altogether.

Of course, this could all just be a devious plan so we don’t see those bombshells coming, but if you’re an MGS fan, things don’t look too positive right about now. Strangely enough, it was announced in the latest Kojima Productions Report podcast that several Kojima Productions projects would be announced at Konami’s pre-E3 event on June 2, which makes Kojima’s absence at E3 sound all the more dumbfounding. But at least this leaves the door open for Kojima to announce MGS5 before, if not at, E3.

Kojima has certainly been a busy man off late. While one of the projects he was working on was recently scrapped, there have been several rumours and reports that he has been hard at work on a new Metal Gear Solid or Zone of Enders game. Again, this is all just speculation until we here it from the man himself, and if Kojima is a no-show at E3, let’s hope we hear about these projects on June 2.

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