Indian indie developer releases traditional RPG

We don’t hear from local indie developers as often as we’d like to, so it was doubly awesome to receive word that Over Cloud 9, an independent studio operating out of Kolkata, has released their first game. Arevan: The Bitter Truth is a traditional top-down turn-based RPG for the PC that’ll have you gallivanting across assorted kingdoms trying to uncover the identity of a not-so-nice murderer who’s been doing in some very important people. You’ll get to choose from seven playable characters to take through a mostly non-linear story with the fates of your party members possibly up in the air depending on how you choose to play the game.

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There are also plenty of side quests to get stuck into and mini-games to fiddle with (football is apparently big in Arevan). We’ve also been promised that the learning curve bends to suit both experienced old-schoolers as well as casual players with the ability to skip boss battles, and random encounters always being visible on the world map so you can scoot around them if you’re in a hurry.

The game is out now and available for purchase (there’s also a demo for you to try out) over at Over Cloud 9’s website, which we encourage you to click through to and check out. There’s a ton of content to read through and a forum where you’ll be able to interact with the developers. Also stay tuned for IVG’s own review. We’ll have one up as soon as we get our mangy paws on the game. Ladies?

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