IVG Game of the Year 2009 Lucky Draw prizes

icon_news1We announced yesterday that all IVG members who had submitted their votes for the 2009 IVG Game of the Year would be entered into a lucky draw. We also mentioned that the lucky draw winner would receive a fitting prize regardless of his/her choice of gaming platform. Now that the voting has ended and the vote counting has begun, it’s time to announce what some lucky IVG members will be winning.

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One IVG member will receive 5 games of his choice for free on the platform of his choice. We will also pick two other members, one of whom will receive two games of his choice, while the other will receive one game of his choice. These games are sponsored by IVG thanks to some of our very generous members.

You may have noticed that the IVG Community Awards 2009 are now underway, and one of the upcoming categories is Best IVG Vendor for 2009. Rather than simply being a poll for bragging rights, this award will also be tied in to the Lucky Draw, and all games selected by the winners will be bought by IVG on behalf of the winners from the winning IVG Vendor.

Voting for the Game of the Year has already ended, but the Community Awards have just begun. Click here to start voting.

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