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Japan Studio announces Rain and Puppeteer

Sony’s Japan studio announced two new IPs at yesterday’s Gamescom press conference – Rain and Puppeteer.

Rain is a work-in-progress PSN title described as a ‘a story of an invisible world revealed by Rain.’ It starts out with a little boy looking curiously at the silhouette of a girl  in the rain. As he curiously ventures to investigate, he realises that he too has become invisible now, and there starts the artistic adventure. The environment is a gloomy looking town drenched in rain, where you get to see the protagonist, only by the footsteps and the silhouette he makes through the rain; an interesting game to look forward to. However, no information about its release date or pricing was revealed.

Following Rain, Japan Studio announced Puppeteer, a side-scroller set in a Play-stage environment. A young boy gets kidnapped by a “maleficent Moon-Bear King” to a distant Black Castle, where he gets turned into a puppet. The king, who’s now angry at the boy’s actions, eats off his wooden puppet-head.  However, the boy survives and steals a pair of magic scissors using which he slices parts of the environment and protects himself against enemies. The game felt a lot like Little Big Planet meets Hugo (the 2011 animated movie). No release date was announced for this game as well.

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