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Killzone 3 contest winners

It’s been nearly three weeks since our Killzone 3 contest ended. It didn’t take us this long to arrive at the best entries, but to gather up the courage to actually go through them. But finally, we did. This contest was a bit of an experiment; one that didn’t quite work out the way we had expected. Yet, after 30 pages of entries, we’ve arrived at three winners. The contest was simple; IVG members were to use the words “IVG” and “Killzone 3” creatively in a sentence. The three most creative entries would be picked to win copies of Killzone 3.

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Here are the winners and their winning entries:

Winner of the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition – shayanreloaded
“According to the IVG review, Killzone 3 is the most beautiful woman in the room and will give me a warm and fuzzy feeling on playing.”

Winner of Killzone 3 – Shantz
“Pitaji ne kaha killzone 3 chhod do, maa ne kaha PS3 chhod do, bhai ne kaha gaming chhod do, paaro ne kaha IVG chhod do; Maine paaro chhod di.”

Winner of Killzone 3 – Madmage
“I saw Killzone 3 and IVG having juice at Amar Juice Centre.”

Thanks to all the members who kept coming back everyday with new entries. As always, look forward to our next contest very soon. I won’t require any creative thinking.

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