Microsoft announces Surface tablet

Following a suspenseful build-up, Microsoft finally announced it’s latest Windows 8 gadget – Surface. The Surface is a svelte tablet featuring a 10.6″, 16:9 wide-screen HD display. It’s thickness is just about enough to sneak in a USB slot for the various peripheral devices.

The also comes with a kickstand and an intriguing pressure-sensitive cover that doubles up as a keyboard. It connects to the surface by a magnetic click and is just 3mm in thickness. The keyboard will be available with a choice of five different colours.

The Surface also boasts two cameras, the front facing life-cam for video calls and the rear facing life-cam for video recording. The rear facing camera is tilted at 22 degrees so as to enable the user to record meetings and videos hands-free. The device is also packed with stereo speakers and dual microphones which have been developed specifically for Skype. The tablet is ARM-powered and runs on a processor developed Nvidia.

Microsoft also announced that the device would also be available in a Pro model, which will be 13.5mm in thickness as opposed to the 9.3mm thick Surface RT version. The Pro version will also feature more powerful hardware, catering a totally different segment of the audience with ultrabook-like performance.

Microsoft is yet to reveal the pricing information and release date for the Surface.

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