Microsoft launches Nat Geo Kinect game

Microsoft has launched a brand new Kinect game titled Kinect Nat Geo TV game targeted at kids (and adults) who have a keen interest in wild animals. This is the first game that’s part of their 2-way TV experience where people can interact with the Nat Geo TV show using Kinect. Kinect will basically scan anyone who’s playing the game and project them into it where they can take on the roles of different wild animals like bears looking for food.

“The Kinect Nat Geo TV game with its’ unique 2-Way TV Experience, is part of Microsoft’s effort to bring to India the latest in playful learning. The game encourages children to learn in a manner that is fun and engaging. Through the TV set, which most children spend a lot of time watching, Kinect NAT GEO game uses Kinect to turn the living room into natural habitats and players into a range of animals, creating a truly immersive experience for children” said Anshu Mor, head honcho of Microsoft India.

The Nat Geo TV game is currently out now exclusively on the Xbox 360 for Rs. 2,399.

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