Mini Ninjas sneaks into stores Sept 18; Rs 499 on PC

icon_news1IO Interactive wanted a break from the kind of games they’re known for, namely the likes of Hitman and Kane and Lynch, and do something for a broader audience. And their way of achieving this is Mini Ninjas, a cutesy, cartoony action adventure title that is appropriate for kids, but also promises enough of a challenge to keep IO’s old audience interested.

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Mini Ninjas will be sneaking onto store shelves in India on September 18. It will be priced at Rs 2,499 on Xbox 360 and PS3, while the PC version will be available at Rs 499, a price point that is quickly becoming the norm in India. Well ok, not quite the norm, but its making people sweat; especially those who’ve been pricing their PC games upwards of Rs 1,000 all this time.

We’ll have our review of Mini Ninjas up soon.

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