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Mortal Kombat press kit winners

Of all the contests we’ve had here at IVG over the years, this one probably had the fewest entries, and we don’t mind that one bit. The IVG community is what it is because of the members who show up on our forums day after day to discuss their favourite hobby. It’s because of them that IVG grew from an obscure forum to the vibrant, active community it is today. So it feels good to reward the members who’ve contributed the most, and you can rest assured that we’ll be having many more such contests dedicated to our active members in the future. So now onto the contest winners.

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We’ve got two Mortal Kombat press kits to give away, and while there were no real rules to follow, we simply couldn’t ignore the dedication to MK and video game collection displayed by our two winners. Darkniks wins the Xbox 360 press kit for his love of the MK. Besides explaining his history with the franchise in detail, he even used the opportunity to get cocky by boasting about his exploits in past games and challenging other members to prove themselves as hardcore as him. The PS3 press kit goes to Rashmeet. He may not be as big an MK fan as some of the other members on IVG, but he’s a true collector. So much so that he probably hasn’t even played some of the games he’s collected over the years. This press kit will make a fine addition to that already great collection.

Congrats guys!

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