Motorstorm developer announces PS4 social racer Driveclub

Evolution Studios, most recently known for the Motorstorm series, has revealed a new IP for the PlayStation 4, titled Driveclub.


Unlike Motorstorm, Driveclub features real-world cars and lays an emphasis on social gameplay. The game encourages players to form clubs with friends and play together, racing amongst themselves and against other groups.

Driveclub features some of the world’s most exotic sports cars and Evolution has gone to great lengths to ensure that every inch of the in-game car is identical to the real thing.

The game also features a cockpit view, but Evolution’s studio director Matt Southern insists it’s more than that, offering “truly immersive first-person-racing”.

Not much has been revealed about Driveclub, but we expect that to change over the coming months.

In the mean time, here’s the game’s announce trailer.

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