New PSP (PSP-3000) in stores this month

The newest version of Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP), the PSP-3000, will be available in stores in India in late October. An upgrade to the Slim & Lite PSP that was introduced not too long ago, the PSP-3000 boasts of an in-built microphone and improved screen quality that offers crisper colours and better performance in natural light outdoors.

The PSP-3000 will be sold in India as a standalone SKU without any games bundled. Available in the PSP’s traditional black colour, it will carry a price tag of Rs 9,490, as opposed to the PSP-2000’s Rs 8,990. The PSP-2000 will still be available, both as a standalone SKU and with Buzz! Master Quiz bundled in (the bundle is priced at Rs 9,490).

It’s great to see India getting the new PSP so close to the rest of the SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) countries, where the PSP-3000 hit stores on October 15. We’re still waiting for news on the new 80GB PlayStation 3 making its way here. Hopefully, that won’t be long either.



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