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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be adding character customisation

PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds, the massively popular multiplayer online PC game that can be credited for single-handedly bringing the battle royal-style game mode into the mainstream, will soon be taking something from the mainstream into its core.

The game is looking to refine its character customisation even further.

In recent data-mining of the game files, it was ascertained that the game would be getting more cosmetic character customisation options. These would come in the form of masks, goggles, gloves, vests, jackets, shorts and more.

Executive producer Chang Han Kim elaborated that developer Bluehole Entertainment plans to give the players much more control over character appearance by implementing Anticto’s┬áMutable character customisation system.

Since its launch on Steam’s Early Access platform, the game affectionately abbreviated to PUBG (pronounced Pub-Gee) has sold over four million copies, gathered a strong player-base and has maintained an aggressive tempo of updates.

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