Preorder FIFA 12, Battlefield 3 or NFS: The Run and win big

Each of the next three months will witness the release of a blockbuster EA title, and if you haven’t preordered them already, here’s some incentive in the form of the EA Blockbuster 2011 promotion. If you preorder FIFA 12, Battlefield 3 or Need for Speed: The Run from one the participating retailers across the country, you stand to win some great prizes, including an iPad 2, an iPod Touch, Battlefield 3 hard drives, and for those preordering the PC versions, a PS3 console.

Simply head over to the EA Blockbuster 2011 website and take a look at the participating retailers. Once you’ve preordered your game, head back to the website and enter the lucky draw. Going by the website, this promotion only extends to the PC and Playstation versions of these games, so it seems like Xbox 360 owners are out of luck.

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