PS3 price drops to Rs 19,990 in India

icon_news1Hot on the heels of the announcement at Sony’s press conference at GamesCom last night, Sony Computer Entertainment India has revealed that the PlayStation 3 will receive an immediate 20% price drop in India. The PS3, currently priced at Rs 24,990, will drop to Rs 19,990 as early as this evening, and will come bundled with two games – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.

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The current PS3 model available in India contains an 80GB hard drive and is available in three bundles, one with Killzone 2, the second with Uncharted and GT5: Prologue, and the third with Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm.

Last night at GamesCom, Sony also finally revealed the redesigned slim PS3, which is not only smaller, but also consumes over 30% less electricity and comes with a 120GB hard drive. While this new design will be available in Europe and America in the first week at September, we in India may have to wait for it a little longer.

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While SCEI refused to go on the record, we were told that the slim PS3 would take time to come to India, and may not even make it here in September, as Europe and America get priority when it comes to shipments. We were also told that when the slim PS3 does come to India, it would most probably be priced at Rs 19,990, but may not carry any free games.

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