PS4 firmware 4.72 bug may cause players to appear offline

Sony recently released a new firmware update (4.72) for all Playstation 4 users we’re now getting reports of a bug that is affecting players who updated their consoles.

According to multiple threads on Reddit, it seems players appear offline despite them clearly being online. This seems to be only a visual indicator glitch though as these players can see their friends online, what games they are playing, and active parties they are a part of.

For some other players though the issue is more severe and they are having trouble playing games online and inviting their friends to party up.

It has not been ascertained whether this is just a bug caused by the latest firmware release or if it is PSN coincidentally tanking after the release of the firmware update.

If you are one of the afflicted PS4 owners, restarting the console and router are some of the resolutions being bandied about.

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