PSP Minis to cost $1.50 to $2.50

icon_news1Sony introduced the concept of PSP minis – low budget, low price, sub-100 MB games for the PlayStation Portable – at their Gamescom press conference last month. They also mentioned that Indian studio GameShastra was one of the developers at the forefront of PSP mini development. We caught up with GameShastra CEO Prakash Ahuja for more information on this new approach to PSP games.

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Ahuja mentioned that GameShastra already has 30 games for the PSP in the pipeline and ready for release between October and January, and added that these games would be priced between $1.50 and $2.50 on the PlayStation Store; ideal pricing to give the App Store some stiff competition. He went on to add that with the PSP being clearly a better gaming device and Sony now encouraging smaller developers, the minis concept would definitely see an influx of iPhone game developers taking a keen interest in developing for the PSP.

We’ll have more details on PSP minis as well as insights into GameShastra’s other projects on the PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox platforms in our complete interview with Prakash Ahuja very soon.

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