Rockstar releases new Grand Theft Auto V images

It’s been nearly nine months since Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto V to the world. Since then, we’ve had one debut trailer followed by loads of internet speculation. Now, they’ve finally broken the silence and released two screenshots during a Max Payne 3/Grand Theft Auto V fan Question and Answer session. What, two screenshots not good enough for you?

The screenshots themselves are quite subtle and don’t reveal much about the protagonist or any plot details. They do, however, touch upon the gorgeously detailed world Rockstar has created for GTAV. In one shot, you have a nice aerial view of what we presume is downtown Los Santos, while the other one has a bunch of people chilling out in some sort of park area.

Now, before you skip to the end of the article hoping for a release date, we hate to inform you that there is none. As of now, GTA V’s release date is anyone’s guess, but that was a given considering this is Rockstar’s most ambitious project till date.

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