Sony rollbacks firmware update 4.45

Earlier today, Sony released a new firmware update 4.45 for the PlayStation 3. The update was quickly rollbacked by Sony to the previous firmware version amidst reports of it bricking the system.

While updating the system, a mandatory reboot is required; for some users the “flowing ribbon” screen after the reboot for the update is stationary and doesn’t progress like it was intended to, thus rendering the system unusable.

The update was rumoured to provide an option to turn off the trophy notifications from the system menu amidst other general improvements. The last mention of the update was when Sony’s official twitter account tweeted about the update 7 hours ago, stating “PS3 system software update 4.45 coming soon, Trophy notification options and improved system stability are on the way”.

This is not the first time that a firmware update has been reported to brick consoles, but it is one of the rarer occasions when the company issuing the update has taken it back. Stay tuned for more updates, but in the meantime we suggest you wait a couple of hours before updating your console when the next update goes live.

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