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The Resistance is the focus of Far Cry 5’s latest trailer

Far Cry 5 has gotten a new trailer, this one gives us a rundown of how the world reacts as you take the war to Eden’s Gate while rallying The Resistance. You can check out the game in action below,

Just like the preceding Far Cry titles, liberating mechanics are at the heart of the game. Taking territory out of Eden’s Gates’ hands will allow you to access to side-quests and aid in progression. Which in turn will make more Guns and Fangs for Hire (mercenaries for The Resistance) available which feeds into this cycle of constant reclamation as the story progresses.

The trailer shows the different mercenaries available alongside animal companions, all of which can give players a different way to approach missions in Far Cry 5’s open sandbox game world.

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Far Cry 5 pre-orders had only opened up recently and the game will be coming to the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Windows PC platform on the 27 of March.

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