Ubisoft always-online PC DRM is here to stay

Ubisoft’s DRM for PC games, which requires players to always be online while playing, doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Despite widespread PC gamer rage, which further intensified thanks to the finicky nature of Ubisoft’s own servers, the publisher has claimed that the DRM has been “a success” as they’ve noticed a drop in PC piracy.

“(There has been) a clear reduction in piracy of our titles, which required a persistent online connection, and from that point of view the requirement is a success,” a Ubisoft representative told PC Gamer.

The controversial DRM policy is especially worrying for gamers in India, where broadband penetration is nowhere near what it is in the West, and stable always-online connections are a rarity. Ubisoft recently confirmed that their upcoming driving-action title Driver: San Francisco will also feature the DRM, in addition to their new Uplay Passport system that will require a code (included in all new copies of the game) to be punched in to access online features.

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