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War Thunder’s La Résistance update brings French Armour into the fray

War Thunder recently got the La Résistance update which brings the game to v.1.75. The cornerstone of this latest update is the French ground forces tree and a brace of new vehicles for other nations as well.


La Résistance introduces much-needed quality of life improvements which include revamped ‘support’ mechanics for light tanks. Automatic camo feature to assign map specific camo pattern(s) to a vehicle provided you have unlocked it. The update has also brought two new maps into the rotation for ground forces and combined arms game-modes. For the complete list of changes, check out this blog post or the video below.

Apart from the huge content drop, the update will also coincide with the Winter seasonal event which allows players to acquire rare premium vehicles for the completion of certain in-game tasks.

War Thunder is a free to play vehicular combat MMO that focuses on weapon systems and vehicles from the 20th Century. It is available on the Windows PC, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4 with plans to bring it to the Xbox One platform.

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