Welcome to the Killzone 3 Launch Centre

IVG’s latest launch centre is dedicated to Killzone 3, the sequel to easily the most popular and well supported game amongst our community. It’s no secret that Killzone 2’s innovative clan system and multiplayer lives on even today on IVG, tiding us over till its successor. Killzone 2’s popularity on IVG is undeniable, with both the game and clan topics on our forums growing to gigantic proportions and remaining amongst IVG’s most viewed and active topics. Killzone 3, which was revealed at E3 less than a year ago, packs in astonishing visuals, and introduces campaign co-op, and Move and 3D support. Does it raise the bar like its predecessor did? Does it have all the improvements you desired? Does it play as well as Killzone 2? We’ll have all the answers for you over the next ten days.

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Just like the Gran Turismo 5 launch centre, we will be bringing you up-to-speed with all the details on Killzone 3 and its past, with some very polished work put together by some of the most dedicated Killzone fans from within our community. And there can’t be an IVG launch centre without a contest to go with it, so look out for our Killzone 3 contest. Also keep an eye out for our review of the game’s single player campaign.

We kick things off today by taking a step back and telling you about the studio behind the Killzone franchise – Guerrilla Games. Click here for that feature, and make sure you check back for your daily dose of Killzone 3 before you get your hands on the game on February 23.

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