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  1. WWE 2K19

    WWE 2K19 is available to pre-order bit.ly/WWE2K19atGTS
  2. Games The Shop deals

    WWE 2K19 is available to pre-order bit.ly/WWE2K19atGTS
  3. Shadow of The Tomb Raider

    Shadow of The Tomb Raider is up for pre-order bit.ly/ShadowoftheTombRaideratGTS note Pre-order Shadow of the Tomb RaiderStandard edition and get upgraded to Steelbook edition for FREE
  4. The Division 2

    The Division 2 is up for pre-order bit.ly/TheDivision2atGTS
  5. Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Yakuza Kiwami 2 Steelbook Edition is up for pre-order bit.ly/YakuzaKiwami2atGTS
  6. RAGE 2

    Rage 2 is up for pre-order bit.ly/RAGE2atGTS
  7. HITMAN 2

    Hitman 2 is up for pre-order bit.ly/Hitman2atGTS if you pre-order you immediately get the code to download the Hitman Sniper Assassin.
  8. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

    Assassins Creed Odyssey standard edition is up for pre-order bit.ly/AssassinsCreedOdysseyatGTS
  9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    Hey Guys, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is up for pre-order bit.ly/PES2019atGTS
  10. DOOM Eternal

    Doom Eternal is up for pre-order bit.ly/DoomEternalatGTS
  11. Devil May Cry 5

    Devil May Cry 5 will be soon up for pre-order meanwhile, you can head over to bit.ly/DevilMayCry5atGTS and click on Notify me when pre-order starts.
  12. Games The Shop deals

    • Red Dead Redemption 2 bit.ly/RedDeadRedemption2atGTS • Assassin's Creed: Odyssey bit.ly/AssassinsCreedOdysseyatGTS • Hitman 2 bit.ly/Hitman2atGTS • Shadow of The Tomb Raider bit.ly/ShadowoftheTombRaideratGTS • Just Cause 4 bit.ly/JustCause4atGTS • Fallout 76 bit.ly/Fallout76atGTS • The Division 2 bit.ly/TheDivision2atGTS • The Crew 2 bit.ly/TheCrew2atGTS • PES 2019 bit.ly/PES2019atGTS • NBA2K19 bit.ly/NBA2K19atGTS • Ride 3 bit.ly/Ride3atGTS • Rage 2 bit.ly/RAGE2atGTS Cyber Punk 2077, Devil May Cry 5 and many more are listed http://www.gamestheshop.com/bucket/e3-games/22
  13. Just Cause 4

    Just Cause 4 is up for pre-order bit.ly/JustCause4atGTS
  14. Red Dead Redemption 2

    No updates at the moment, we will notify as soon as we get more info regarding the same.
  15. Red Dead Redemption 2