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  1. What you bought this week

    Thank you! If I had to spy, I would rather get this camera. Quadcopters are sh*t for spying, atleast the hobby grade ones that I play with. It is just scare-mongering at work, which is leading to hobby quads getting shot at. As for the controllers, the control sticks are mounted on high quality gimbals with a wide range of coverage. In contrast, the video game controllers can only move so much, which would translate into extreme movement for just a little nudge on the stick. This one has a pretty good controller, good quality, high capacity battery and well integrated buttons specific to Phantom. I have a better controller for my other quads. A Taranis X9D Plus. I wish I could fly the Phantom using my Taranis.
  2. What you bought this week

    Gave in and bought myself a Phantom 3 Advanced.
  3. What you bought this week

    Congratulations Aman! Did you move house or something? This doesn't look like your garage.
  4. The Drone/Quadcopter Thread

    I am not sure, I didn't check. Will check tonight. Cursory glance told me it is a Ni-Cd battery. I plan to replace it with a LiPo. Have many LiPo's lying around but all of them have XT60 connectors and this uses a different connector (EC3).
  5. What you bought this week

    I bought them at full price so even $300 looks like a steal to me. Not complaining though. Cutting edge and all that...
  6. What you bought this week

    Wow! You went all out! Those Nexus 6 are dirt cheap now, aren't they.
  7. The Drone/Quadcopter Thread

    Sorry I don't follow. What are you referring to? We would love to have more people get into this hobby. Here is a cool video to show off what kind of moves are possible: https://youtu.be/UvhLrgvfy0w?t=29s The place is a secluded little part in New Jersey. It was a beautiful place to fly. Lot of obstacles to fly through and around and no crowds at all.
  8. The Drone/Quadcopter Thread

    Thank you! I get so caught up building these things that I completely forget to take pictures of the build process. I think I only took pictures of my first ever build and posted them on Facebook. Uploaded them on Imgur if anyone is interested. Full album here: Imgur album Some choice pics from the album: All the parts neatly laid out http://imgur.com/qIH30yX ESC soldered on to the PDB http://imgur.com/S6F9zvd Took it for a spin in the middle of the night and promptly crashed http://imgur.com/dbNfdlM This is my second build on a 250 frame http://imgur.com/YV320Aw
  9. What you bought this week

    You really want to put me on the No-Fly list and NSA watchlist?
  10. What you bought this week

    This showed up at my doorstep an hour ago:
  11. The Drone/Quadcopter Thread

    Looks like he built a Naza or APM based quadcopter with GPS hold, Return to Home etc. Yes, end of day, $140 is still high but you can bring the cost further down by picking up second hand components. I have saved quite a lot of money buying pre-owned stuff from RC Groups classifieds.
  12. The Drone/Quadcopter Thread

    Expensive, yes but building one is pretty cheap as compared to buying a pre-built unit. I build a budget racing quad for my friend for around $140 which is pretty darn cheap when it comes to quadcopters.
  13. The Drone/Quadcopter Thread

    Actually that first video is not mine. That is by Charpu, one of the top FPV pilots. I have been looking for some tracks here but looks like most are closing down for the winter.
  14. Toy Drone buying help

    Awesome! Make sure to follow whatever local guidelines while flying it outside. Some basic guidelines below: Stay away from crowds. The blades can deal quite a lot of damage, even though they do not look like it. Avoid flying around power lines; they can interfere with your radio frequency. Do not fly outside Line of Sight (LOS). It is easy to lose orientation and watch as your quad flies away. Print and stick your phone number on the quad so in case of a fly-away, whoever finds it can contact you. Find out what is the maximum height you are allowed to fly at. Do not go over it. Do not fly near airfields/airports.
  15. Toy Drone buying help

    I absolutely love these. I have gifted so many of them to my friends who have shown interests in quadcopters. Pity the controller is so crappy but for $15, I am not complaining.