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  1. Far Cry 5

    Far Cry 5 seemingly has you securing Trump’s alleged ‘pee tape’
  2. Ni no Kuni 2

    6PM CET is ~9:30 hours
  3. Cyberpunk 2077

    CD PR shares new Cyberpunk 2077 info'' More details to be presented at this E3
  4. Ni no Kuni 2

    I did not get my keys from fanatical
  5. Sea of Thieves

    first exclusive of the year and it bombed
  6. God of War

    ignore the haters Sun. We used to have a dimwit GoW/Arsenal/Sony/Naughty Dog fanboy in the forum that is very similar to you and has the same first and last name as you. They are just confused right now. I believe you are the sun. To f**k with them, I'd recommend changing your display name to NotHope
  7. God of War

    The last thing i'd want in a game thread is not allowing the game to be discussed. I am onboard with not discussing story spoilers but there is no need to spoiler tag every single info about the game.
  8. God of War

    Naruto Franchise > God of War
  9. God of War

  10. Ni no Kuni 2

    you'll like it Harsh, PC/PS4?
  11. God of War

    Holy sh*t sold btw, that gameplay was supposed to made available for everyone on Mar 19 8:00 PST
  12. Ni no Kuni 2

  13. Ni no Kuni 2

    release this .. my body is ready
  14. Bloodborne

    Axe lets you spin2win
  15. Ni no Kuni 2

    I am salty that they dont have a physical edition for PC anywhere in the US. Bandai Namco
  16. Ni no Kuni 2

    super hyped for this @Joe Cool Game Billet has the prince's edition for PC at $70 - have you seen this at a better price anywhere?
  17. Ni no Kuni 2

    Pick this up for PC or PS4? Which website would you suggest to buy this for PC?
  18. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII

    BO2 is my all time favorite COD. The guns(MSMC, PDW, AN94, Scar) and the three-laned maps(Standoff, Raid, Hijacked) were all perfect.
  19. Smash announced for Switch, coming out in 2018
  20. The Division 2

    Division 1 enemies are bullet sponges and their AI is a joke. Will not touch this until after I look at user reviews.
  21. The Football Thread

    Juve be like
  22. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    What difficulty would you recommend for this game to be played at? I played the New Order and Old Blood.
  23. Weapon breaking is a slight annoyance but is not game breaking like many reviews mentioned at release. You need to use both bombs and manage your weapon inventory better. I highly suggest practising parries and dodging so that you can ensure you dont get OHK. There are so many ways to engage enemies in this game where you can avoid using weapons. Your bows do high damage when you get crits and also stuns enemies when you do that.
  24. IVG is Back!!!