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  2. Thanks ALPHA and Joe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yes, Many media houses reported that scripts leaked, till EP 4 IIRC. But same lot later reported that those were not actual leaks, but someone just predicted plotlines based on S7 leaks, created fake S8 leaks and started spreading them as leaked scripts. I personally came across that info in few videos on YouTube that S8 leaks were fake. Many of us I believe do not like spoilers. So lets hope for the best. In any case, let's see how many entries we receive. I will set some strict rules for tie breakers if need be.
  4. So, this time it's contest and not giveaway by random selection. It is very different. And contest will run till "long night" ends. Please read everything carefully before participating. Predict the END of Game of Thrones TV series - Predict the fate of principle characters in the TV show. - Answer questions and win goodies (probably quite a lot goodies) Contest Prizes - Only One Winner Max 3 Games of choice (console/PC) - Max cost INR 10,000 (Non-imports, officially released games in winner's country) E-Gift Voucher of INR 2,000 - of any major online retailer. Surprise - will be revealed when contest ends. Eligibility to participate - Both criteria must be fulfilled 1) Must have joined IVG on or before 5th April, 2017. International IVGians can participate. 2) At least 30 posts. **) Mods, Admins and IVG authors can participate (criteria-1 does not apply to them) Contest Starts - Once this thread is live Contest Ends - 28 February 2018 (Tentative - will extend if need be) Winner Decided - 3-4 weeks after Season 8 has ended (final date will be revealed later) To participate, (Both things must be available in reply) 1) Reply - " Valar Dohaeris " (in bold) 2) Answer all 30 questions - Keep the order same for questions and answers. (Will be easier to manage) Starks (North remembers) and company What will be the fate of Jon Snow / Aegon Targaryen ? What will be the fate of Arya Stark ? What will be the fate of Sansa Stark ? What will be the fate of Brandon Stark ? What will be the fate of Brianne of Tarth ? What will be the fate of Podric Payne ? What will be the fate of Tormund Giantsbane ? What will be the fate of Baric Dondarian ? What will be the fate of Yara Greyjoy ? What will be the fate of Theon Greyjoy ? What will be the fate of Lyanna Mormont ? What will be the fate of Ser Davos Seaworth ? What will be the fate of The Hound - Sandor Clegane ? What will be the fate of Samwell Tarly ? Targaryens (Fire and Blood) and company What will be the fate of Daenerys Targaryen ? What will be the fate of Drogon the Dragon ? What will be the fate of Rheagal the Dragon ? What will be the fate of Tyrion Lannister ? What will be the fate of Ser Jorah Mormont ? What will be the fate of Missandei ? What will be the fate of Greyworm ? Lannisters (Hear Me Roar) and company What will be the fate of Cersei Lannister ? What will be the fate of Jamie Lannister ? What will be the fate of Euron Greyjoy ? What will be the fate of The Mountain - Gregor Clegane ? What will be the fate of Ser Bronn of the Blackwater ? White Walkers (F**k y'all, Freezeray !!! ) and company What will be the fate of The Night King ? What will be the fate of Viserion the Dragon ? Bonus Questions How many already-dead characters will be revived from death in season 8 ? who will be revived ? How much farther will Night King's army concur in Westeros ? Sample Answers to a question - Clear prediction conundrum - and Solution What will be the fate of Jon Snow / Aegon Targaryen ? Sample Answer - 1 - Jon snow will die in episode 2. Sample Answer - 2 - Jon snow will die in episode 2. Night King will kill him. Out of these 2 answers, assuming that Jon snow dies in episode 2. Both are valid predictions. But If Night King kills him, than the prediction is more clear prediction. And that answer will score a point. Sample Answer - 3 - Jon snow will become king of Westeros Sample Answer - 4 - Jon snow will become king of Westeros and will marry Cersei. Same logic as above for deciding clear prediction. however if assuming that Jon snow becomes king and marries Cersei, and, if Cersei kills him with the help of Mountain, than Sample Answer - 1 will be a clear prediction and it will score a point. General Rules - Each Question is of 1 point. If your prediction comes true for a question, you score 1 point. Answers which are clear predictions will score a point. - When season 8 ends, all answers will be cross-checked and the score will be calculated for each entry and each answer. - If a prediction comes true in any episode, and the prediction remains true when season ends, it will score the point. - If prediction becomes true in one of the episodes, but fate of the character changes in subsequent episodes or once season has ended, than that prediction will not score point. - Only one contest entry/post per member. Member who has made contest entry can post other stuff in thread, but not another contest entry. - Contest entry can be modified / edited till contest ends. If any modification is done after end date in contest entry, that contest entry will become invalid. - Only one winner will be decided based on maximum score. - If there is a tie, I will post how to do a tie-breaker. - Rules or conditions will be added / updated on valid suggestions if need be. - No trolling spamming. Disclaimer - This is a personal giveaway contest at my own discretion. This giveaway contest is not affiliated with anyone or anything. And this giveaway contest is not hosted to promote anyone or anything. This giveaway contest is not hosted to gather individual opinion on any subject matter. And this giveaway contest is not sponsored by anyone. This giveaway contest is hosted just for fun and spreading joy.
  5. Tyrion will not turn evil. However it looks like a strong possibility for Jamie becoming "Queen-Slayer" after the dust has settled. Tormund And Beric are not dead, not at least for now IMO. But next season, very strong chances. Writers will require few likable characters to die in initial episodes. Because Winter is not a happy times as per Martin uncle.
  6. There is no denying that this still one of the best TV shows till now. (personal opinion) But criticism is bound to happen for shows this good. And that's why logical flaws in writing are echoed with clarity, because writing is supposed to be detailed whether character driven or plot driven and whether fantasy or not. We would not mind already stupid TV soaps getting stretched or derailed. Because we do not expect great entertainment from such shows. Or at least personally we do not like such shows. Writers clearly have less material compared to first 5 seasons. But S6 still has been good. And not too much flawed / criticized compared to S7. Reason for that is many menu-scripts and and chapters are already revealed from Winds of Winters. And show producers are already aware with key plot-lines and characters' fates, already revealed by GRRM to them. So they were able to use existing material effectively in time-effective manner while developing scripts for S6. Bottom-line is this is healthy criticism IMHO. And show-runner will get this with grain of salt and in good spirit. Which essentially will help them in next season. At the end it's still entertaining and will be entertaining in final season due to it's sheer production size, story and characters. It's not gonna loose that charm for sure. At least I want to believe that.
  7. Did not give in to temptation and watched EP 6 today. What the hell ! It's entertaining indeed, but some stupid things with script. It's quite clear that GRRM wants to keep lots of things for books, and not reveal in TV show. It's really possible that producers may release last season in 2019 if they decide to consider negative feedback on time-travel issues and script loop-holes in current season. They probably will have more material from GRRM to work on if they plan for 2019.
  8. ^ 2 more books yet to release. Not all details can be revealed in TV show prior to book release. Book sales would suffer. So I think pacing issues are more than ever in S7 and likely to be in S8 as well. Cannot release all 14 together when show popularity at its peak. They would have decided to break in two seasons to gain maximum monies.
  9. Sam will kill Danny Gilly will marry Jon
  10. Damn, Really hard for peeps who watch on regular schedule.
  11. Too much sorcery on previous page.