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  1. Damn, Really hard for peeps who watch on regular schedule.
  2. Too much sorcery on previous page.
  3. Looks like Season 8 will be final season.
  4. Rheagar (Ragger pronounced by Gilly IIRC) And someone (Lyanna IMO) were re-married at Dorne. So this would make Jon a authentic Targaryen.
  5. Mr wick has arrived
  6. So much time travel this season People reaching from dragon stone to high gardens, from dragon stone to castle rock in an instant And them white walkers still not reached wall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. ^ Congrats Snake And Black Angel. Moi got too pro 10.5 with pencil. A Nice update over ipad 2 after 5 years.
  8. Apes will not disappoint. Fantastic movie. Some actor, Andy is.
  9. Senn HD598 CS - INR 4999 -
  10. Nice look IVG. Good transformation.
  11. Winner is 6) l33tmaniac Congrats. Will PM you shortly. Thanks again for participating. Next Giveaway... very soon.