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  1. For the last 3 years I am sharing multiple games and accounts with the same friend reside in UK. But never faced any kind of problem with any of my accounts.. Hopefully this will remain same on next gen too.
  2. But Sony is officially allowing the family share play.. Then why the question of ban emerges?
  3. One of my friends is getting PS5 in UK. I am planning to purchase a digital copy of AC Valhalla in PS4 and planning to share my account with him. Can we both be able to play the same game at two different generation of console?
  4. I am confused between BenQ Zowie XL2411P and MSI OPTIX G241. My purpose is Gaming in console/PC. Please suggest which one should I select? https://imgur.com/pmiYFZX
  5. Thanks.. Such a relief to hear all of these... Btw, can I share my account with a friend just like Playstation sharing?
  6. Recently, I bought a Xbox One S from a friend. Though I am a long time user of PlayStation (3 & 4), but this is my first experience with any Xbox console. I have some queries regarding the Gamepass such as: 1. Is the free game list varies depending on the region like India or USA? 2. What is the actual cost of Xbox gamepass and Gold together? Somewhere it shows 999 and somewhere it is 699. 3. Is the Gears 5 (Full game) & GTA 5 free to play with Gamepass?
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