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  1. Does amazon gives any discount on these top ups? I have some amount in amazon pay balance so planning to buy the top up from amazon only .
  2. Is pre owned ( First Owner) Honda City V-mt ( Petrol) 2016, 57k on ODO @6.7L a good deal? Have inspected the car personally and did a test run as well, did not find anything off in particular. Just that current average on ODO was showing around 7.3kmpl. No major overhaul or accidental claim. Location - Delhi
  3. I shall get it replaced then, bought another one thinking it was 6 months for both. Thanks alot !!
  4. What is the replacement period for controller that came along with ps5? I have a stick drift issue so can I get it replaced since the warranty of ps5 will lapse on June this year? Also what is the warranty period for controller bought seperately ? 6 months?
  5. Yup with BCAA it's mostly the agressive marketing which has been debunked with researches that it does not help at all. I personally use whey+creatine and PRE ( started recently and finally a brand that delivers what's actually supposed to be in a good PRE supplement) Also nothing can top placebo tho no natter what.
  6. Do you consume non veg /veg dairy based sources of protein in your diet? If yes there is no need to drain the money on bcaa instead get whey/creatine/pre/ EAA instead.
  7. Hey Bro, I can guide you regarding this a bit better but only if you are comfortable showing your current condition pictures. It will give an idea of your current bodyfat peecentage as well as the lose skin condition.
  8. I very much want to get it now but don't know if its the right move or not as alot of others are speculating that some price drop is near. Currently going for 4100 on amazon
  9. Any chances there could be a price drop on this game anytime soon? Or should I go for it now itself? ( I am aware about the current condition) you
  10. There will be dice servers as well.
  11. The moment I saw noshar and caspian I was sold out. Also any chances more maps from old game could be added in portal later on?
  12. Mcubegames No warranty ofcourse since they are imported units.
  13. Any headset recommendation that works beautifully not only with ps5 but with other devices as well. Budget around ₹10k max. Currently getting pulse 3d for 9500 so looking for any other better options in similar price range ( if any).
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