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  1. I have used both gayor essentials black as well as the the other one with no caffeine. Both of them are very well dosed and do the job as intended. So I would highly recommend the same. Just stay away from mango, bubblegum and watermelon flavor as I found them to be are extremely sweet ? (for my taste preference) . Cola and lemonade flavor are still pretty decent though.
  2. I am really surprised, its still showing in stock on amazon /fk atleast
  3. Sorry for noob question but since HFW is mentioned in premium and we get Deluxe here. So do we get access to these games @ Deluxe tier or not?
  4. My amazon prime got expired recently, so was wondering if I can get it for anything lower than ₹1500?
  5. What was the cause of fissure? Acute constipation / hard motions?
  6. Yup unless you work at some posh gym where high profile people train, the pay is quite miniscule most of the times. But slowly the things are changing with the better onset of online / Online cum offline training.
  7. I have been using the Phillips powerpro dry vaccum cleaner since last year. It's quite powerful and does the job well. It has no blower though.
  8. The list site looks a bit sketchy. Anyways, you can stick to ON, Myprotein, Dymatize,BPI, GNC,Rule 1. Won't suggest any of the ultimate nutrition's series due to company's recent background. If possible get an unflavoured one since it will be void of other fillers as well. Websites could be - healthxp, healthkart, nutrabay, neulife, vitaminplanet.
  9. Have dropped you a pm buddy. I tried ordering today but no luck.
  10. What is your current calorie intake? Are you logging what you are eating? Also measuring every grain to the T which you are consuming during the day? Also any noticable inchloss during this month? Also what form of workout/physical activity you do during the course of the day?
  11. Myprotein taste just keeps getting awful batch after batch ? On is good but has thin consistency, GNC whey ( normal not the amp one with black packaging ) is good too. Gnc,ON,Dymatize,Rule 1, 1up whey, labrada,muscle nectar,nutrija,gayor essentials,maxxn,nakpro,asitis etc. List is quite long, you can go with any of the above suggestions. I would personally stay away from muscleblaze and big muscle whey.
  12. Keep sipping small gulps of water during workout. Also you can have a homemade lemonade with pink salt just before the workout as it will take care of electrolyte balance upto some extent and might help with dehydration during workouts. If you have caffeine before workout so it can also make you feel that way since caffeine is a diuretic.
  13. Don't use whey as pre workout drink as it might make you nauseous during the workout with full stomach. Instead you can have some caffeine + some fruit/beetroot 20-25 mins prior to the workout workout. Also there are way better and economical brands than myprotein UK unless you are based out of UK currently?
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