Playstation Store kicks off sports games sale

To celebrate the Summer Olympic Games, which are just around the corner, the Playstation Store is offering discounts on several sports games starting today until 1st August.

Sports Champions

Here’s a list of games available through this offer along with discounted prices. Playstation Plus subscribers receive additional discounts on all games (prices in brackets):

  • Sports Champions (PS3) – Rs 999 (Rs 799)
  • Hustle Kings (PS3) – Rs 225 (Rs 169)
  • Top Darts (PS3) – Rs 225 (Rs 169)
  • High Velocity Bowling (PS3) – Rs 225 (Rs 169)
  • Move Fitness (PS3) – Rs 999 (Rs 799)
  • Everybody’s Golf: World Tour Complete Edition (PS3) – Rs 779 (Rs 584)
  • Everybody’s Tennis (PSP) – Rs 225 (Rs 169)

In addition to the above, several old PS2 and PSP sports games are also on sale.

Click here to find out what else is new in today’s Indian PSN Store update.

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