Take-Two: Max Payne 3 ships 3 million, sales lower than expected

Take-Two Interactive today announced that sales of Max Payne 3 were lower than expected.

Rockstar Games’ long awaited new instalment in the Max Payne franchise arrived in May, and despite releasing during a relatively quiet month and shipping 3 million units so far, it didn’t quite match Take-Two’s expectations.

At a recent earnings call, chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick also said that sales of Spec Ops: The Line had failed to meet the company’s expectations.

Take-Two racked up a net loss of $110.8 million last quarter, compared to $8.8 million for the same period last year.

On a more positive note, Zelnick said that Grand Theft Auto 5 was “in full development and making substantial progress” and expressed optimism towards Take-Two’s upcoming games line-up, which includes NBA 2K13, Borderlands 2 and Bioshock Infinite.

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3 Responses to “Take-Two: Max Payne 3 ships 3 million, sales lower than expected”

  1. Avinash Bali says:

    I expected low sales from Spec Ops but Max Payne 3? Weird.

  2. Anonymous says:

    the main reason was basically for the bad reviews, story was bad, mechanics were flawed, half the guns were bad, the launch of the game was buggy and laggy, and not to mention the fact that there is a bloody annoying non-skippable cutscene every 5 minutes, which makes the game more of a movie than an actual game

  3. Avinash Bali says:

    I agree the game was flawed but you still had to buy it first to realize its flaws. I’ve know shittier games that have sold well so this was kind of surprising.

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