Xbox 360 Halo 4 Limited Edition console coming to India

Update: We’ve just received confirmation from Microsoft India that the Limited Edition Halo 4 console bundle will be available in India. However, the limited edition controllers will not be sold here separately. Pricing and preorder information for the bundle is yet to be decided, and we’ll be sure to let you know once we get more information.

Original story

At the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con, Halo developer 343 Industries revealed the very slick looking Halo 4 Limited Edition console and accessories.

The Limited Edition Halo 4 bundle will include a custom designed 320 GB Xbox 360 console, two exclusive Halo 4 controllers, a standard edition copy of the game, a wired headset, and Xbox Live codes for an exclusive Halo 4 avatar and in-game DLC.

To match the overall design of the custom console, the ring of light on both the console as well as the controller will glow blue rather than green.

This Limited Edition console bundle is currently on preorder in the US at a price of $399.99, and we’ve reached out to Microsoft to find out whether the bundle will be available in India.

Halo 4 is scheduled for release exclusively for Xbox 360 on 6th November, 2012.

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12 Responses to “Xbox 360 Halo 4 Limited Edition console coming to India”

  1. Stanley says:

    The translucent plastic is really cool but I am not up for the strips especially the colors. White and Light blue, it feels like Halo 4 is more bout Cortana than it is bout Master Chief.
    Why should we give a damn bout these consoles. They will not come to India anyway.

  2. Avishkar Srivastava says:

    Awesome news !

  3. Tucci says:

    @3c28cdc887a09dda322b39cad49c6bd3:disqus Cortana is a huge part of the Chief’s story, more so this time as she is well past the normal lifespan of an AI and is struggling with rampancy and it’s a huge part of the narrative of Halo 4 according to 343i

  4. Stanley says:

    I get that…..I will hate India at the time of Halo 4 Launch due to the fact that we don’t celebrate the launch of any game as massive as the US or any other country to that fact.

  5. r4i sdhc says:

    Players know their way around the game so much its generally a eliminating exercise when the problems is set to regular. Halo is one of my favourite.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It will be a good news for us

  7. jehan says:

    no shit

  8. jehan says:

    how much in rupees?.

  9. kshitij says:

    buying a whole new console will be too pricey… hoping for a Halo 4 themed controller to be be sold separately…

  10. Still no update about its availability in India… :(

    IVG… Could you please provide any updated info as to whether it will be available at all…

  11. Pranay says:

    Why hasn’t anyone started pre orders for this console..? have they cancelled it ?

  12. pranit says:

    when will it come in indian stores and what will be it’s pricing please update fast

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