PlayStation at E3 2016: The good and the bad

In comparison to Microsoft’s E3 press conference earlier in the day, Sony’s was quite straightforward. With no new hardware to unveil, Sony stuck to the games, and did a great job of it.

God of War to Resident Evil 7: All the big games revealed at E3 2016

With all the major press conferences completed, we now have a complete list of all the new games that were announced at E3 2016, and here they are with trailers/gameplay.

New God of War, The Last of Us sequel, Media Molecule’s VR game, and other supposed Sony E3 reveals leaked

Rumours also suggest new Syphon Filter, Wipeout and Heavenly Sword titles, plus PS3 and Vita price drops.

Game4u announces God of War: Ascension pre-order bonuses for Indian gamers

Pre-order God of War: Ascension from Game4U and win a pair of Kratos themed boxers among other goodies.

Preview: Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno isn’t going to win any awards for originality. In fact, barely minutes into the game you’ll start to wonder how EA isn’t neck deep in Sony lawsuits for all sorts of legal violations. It’s almost funny at times how blatantly similar this game is to God of War. The art style, the health […]

God of War Collection Blu-Ray coming this year

You may remember the recent God of War III Collector’s Edition survey that Sony conducted. Well, here’s one of the outcomes of that survey and a truly mouth-watering prospect for God of War fans at that – this holiday season, Sony will release a God of War Collection Blu-Ray compilation for the PS3. What does […]

GOTY Winners: Best Handheld Game

It’s still hard to believe how much Ready At Dawn were able to get out of the PSP. The most impressive thing about Kratos’s brutal ballet of death is not that it’s visually outstanding (which it is), but that it works so well in almost every department. The controls are sharp, the loading times almost […]

IndianVideoGamer Year in Review: Handhelds

The handheld/portable video game system has entertained generations of school kids and commuters. From the cheap Tetris knock-offs available at train stations to the expensive PSP – they all offer a great gaming experience on the go. 2008 saw some jewels on both the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable. Continuing our countdown, here’s the […]