Sony India takes over PlayStation first-party game distribution

Sony India already has a distribution network in place, which it uses for its movies and music businesses, and it is currently in the process of bringing in both new and older first-party PlayStation games.

Street Fighter IV launch event in Bangalore

While the Killzone 2 launch event in Mumbai seems an uncertainty, here’s some good new from Bangalore gamers, and particularly, for fans of Street Fighter. Milestone is set to hold a launch event for the latest installment in the iconic beat ‘em up series – Street Fighter IV at The Living Room. And the launch […]

IVG Offer: Street Fighter IV (Standard & Collector’s Ed)

With our biggest IVG Offer yet (Killzone 2) already underway, we were contemplating whether we should hold a IVG Offer for Street Fighter IV, considering the game’s high price. But a few IVG members have shown interest in buying the game locally, and for those members, we bring you our Street Fighter IV IVG Offer. […]

Street Fighter IV PS3 Collector’s Edition for India

Milestone Interactive has announced that the Collector’s Edition of Street Fighter IV would be available in India at a price of Rs 4,999. Only the PS3 Collector’s Edition will be available here. A quick hop over to Play-Asia reveals that the same PS3 Collector’s Edition retails for approximately US$100 or Rs 4,988 at the popular […]

Killzone 2 playable at PlayStation Experience?

Consider this a rumour, but those who visit PlayStation Experience over the next three weekends in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi respectively, may just be able to get some hands-on time with Guerilla’s much hyped PlayStation 3 exclusive Killzone 2. According to a list that magically fell into my hands out of nowhere, Killzone 2 is […]

Jayant Sharma: Give casual gamers a chance

Jayant Sharma has been in the video game business for over ten years; in terms of the Indian video game industry, that’s forever. His company, Milestone Interactive, was instrumental in helping Sony bring the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and now the PlayStation 3 to India. But there’s a lot more to Milestone than its partnership […]