Milestone breaks its own no-discounts rule, Game4u discounts new games on Ebay

In 2011, distributor Milestone Interactive told all online retailers that they were no longer allowed to offer discounts on its new and upcoming games. Now, Milestone’s own retail arm – Game4u, is offering new games at discounted rates under a different name on Ebay.


The information first surfaced after a two year-old thread on the IVG forums was dug up to reveal that jrs-game-store on Ebay was in fact a front for Game4u.

The store has sold PS3 consoles at heavily discounted prices (in violation of Sony’s policies) and until a few days ago, was all selling the soon-to-be-released Crysis 3 for less than MRP (in violation of Milestone’s own guidelines). That price has since been changed to the MRP, but the screenshot above shows that it was earlier listed at Rs 2,799.

The Ebay store is also currently selling DmC: Devil May Cry at lower than MRP, which released less than two months ago.

Milestone had told retailers that breaking these rules would lead to them withholding stocks of future games, and had also assured that the same rules applied to Game4u.

We contacted Milestone and Game4u to get their comments on this situation, but they have so far chosen not to respond.

Check out MCV India for more or head over to the this forum thread, where more and more details are surfacing, along with comments from those who have made purchases from Game4u’s Ebay store.

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