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IVG Offer: Mirror’s Edge with free PS3 skin

Another day, another IVG Offer. This time its DICE’s Mirror’s Edge, one of the most eagerly awaited new IPs of the year. And this time, we’re not just giving you a discount; everyone who preorders a copy will also get a free Mirror’s Edge PS3 skin.

I’m sorry to inform you guys that this again is a PS3-only IVG Offer as, despite our best efforts over the past few weeks, we have been unable to get bulk discounts on Xbox 360 games distributed by Redington (which makes up a major chunk of all Xbox 360 games released here).


I’ll be posting up an image of the PS3 skin in a few days. Until then, here are the offer details:

Title: Mirror’s Edge game + Mirror’s Edge PS3 skin
Platform: PlayStation 3
Expected release date: November 18
Retail Price: Rs 2,499
Offer price: Rs 2,250
You save: Rs 250 (10%)

Last date for confirmation of order: November 11
Last date for payment: November 15

You can check out our Mirror’s Edge hands-on preview here.

For information on how to go about preordering your copy and for IVG Offer rules and regulations, please head over to the Mirror’s Edge IVG Offer thread at the IndianVideoGamer Community forums.

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