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Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Giveaway

icon_offerFans of Halo 3 multiplayer probably know all about the Mythic map pack. It is a collection of three new multiplayer maps – Assembly, Sandbox, and Orbital, which will be available only to those who purchase the Halo Wars Collectors Edition. For everyone else, this map pack will only be available later this spring via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

For those who can’t wait that long and/or don’t want to pay for it, here’s your chance to get a redemption code for the Mythic map pack right here on IVG. Thanks to Microsoft, we have two Mythic map pack codes to give away. We want to give them away to deserving IVG members, so all you have to do is head over to the corresponding forum thread and tell us why you deserve this map pack.

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Now, we don’t want you to suck up with us with poems; let your Halo 3 exploits do the talking. Tell us how good you are at Halo 3 multiplayer (again, we like stats more than essays). And then just keep your fingers crossed. Last date for entries is Sunday, March 1. We’ll decide on two members who we think are most deserving and who will make the best use of this map pack.

Click here to throw your name in the hat.

Here’s some info on the three maps available in the Mythic map pack:

Assembly – The map itself is bowl shaped, sloping toward the center. This bottom floor is dotted with pillars and walls for cover. It has an outer rim with four bridges that connect to the two-storey centre structure, and has small structures on the rim intended as high ground. The bases are symmetrical, but the level actually has two distinct sides, with a lift on one side and what we refer to as the “dugout” on the other, making side differentiation that much better. Line of sight is generally open, with mid-range combat being optimal when on the second level. However, within the centre structure and around the pillars that dot the bottom level, close combat is possible.

The map is focused on competitive playing, as it is a multi-storey arena-style map. It features two “somewhat enclosed” bases, with one-way mirrors on the second floor (like those in interrogation rooms), where players will be able to look out, but players outside will be unable to see in.

Orbital – Orbital takes place inside the docking-station for Quito Space Tether, a huge tower that transports cargo and people in and out of the atmosphere easily.

It is said to be best for asymmetrical objective games, like CTF and Assault, but also has some natural deadlocks that makes Slayer interesting and Infection “terrifying”. It’s essentially two overlapping hallways, so each team can see the other one’s spawn, but they are separated by some well-placed windows. Both bases of the map have openable doors that are crucial for objective games. There also appears to be at least one stairway.

Sandbox – Sandbox’s setting and architecture are similar to Sandtrap, but its forging capabilities greatly surpass Foundry. The map consists of three distinctive layers: the main ground area best for vehicle-based maps, the Sky Bubble, a location high above that can be used to create floating maps with falling death barriers, and The Crypt underneath which is the best way for making enclosed arenas. The layers are separated by default, but can be accessed and connected in Forge.

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This giveaway is now over and we have no more codes to givea way. Thank you for your interest.

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