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IVG Offer: Brutal Legend (Free T-shirt & unlockable)

icon_offerBrutal Legend is one of the most exciting new IPs for some time, and the game has generated a lot of interest within the IVG community. With the game less than a month away, we bring you our Brutal Legend IVG Offer. We’re not offering you a discount on the game this time around, but instead we’re offering you two great freebies with it – an unlock code for the exclusive guitar weapon inspired by Tenacious D and a Brutal Legend T-shirt. We understand that IVG members come in all shapes and sizes so you can choose your t-shirt size as well.

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Here are the details for the Brutal Legend IVG Offer:

Title: Brutal Legend
Release date: October 16
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Offer price: Rs 2,499
You save: Nothing, but you get an exclusive unlock code and a totally awesome Brutal Legend T-shirt
Shipping (India only): Free

Last date for confirming orders: October 9
Last date for payment: October 13

For information on how to place your order and other details, head over to the Brutal Legend IVG Offer thread at the IndianVideoGamer Community forums.

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