Ask John Doyle (Producer, Need For Speed)

Another year-end brings another chapter in the long-running Need For Speed series – the first name in racing games (whether you like it or not). And regardless of how previous instalments were received by critics and gamers, each new game brings renewed optimism. Is this the year that EA brings Need For Speed back to the front of the crowded pack of arcade racers?

Things are certainly shaping up well over at Black Box. Need For Speed: Undercover looks to bring back the intense car chases that made Most Wanted a fan favourite, and tying these frantic high-speed highway pursuits together is a gripping story featuring live action cutscenes with big-budget production values and an accomplished cast led by Maggie Q.


We’re going to have the opportunity to sit down with John Doyle, who is a producer on the Need For Speed series, and put across some questions from the IndianVideoGamer Community regarding the upcoming Need For Speed: Undercover. So if there’s anything you’d like to know about the game – the gameplay, the story, the setting, the soundtrack, or anything else that’s on our mind, head over to our forums and post your questions for John. We will try our best to get all of your questions answered.

To post your questions for John Doyle, click here.

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