GOTY Winners: Best Role Playing Game

Fallout 3 is the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed RPGs and it was brought beautifully to life by Bethesda, already famous for the epic Oblivion. The biggest fear of fans that Fallout 3 would be ‘Oblivion with Guns’ was laid to rest once the game released. The Wasteland and ruins of Washington DC have been painstakingly created to offer an immersive experience in a post apocalyptic America. While the main quest itself leaves us wanting more, the numerous side quests and freeform quests are pure gold and offer a long and rewarding experience. This year saw some brilliant RPGs on many platforms, but Fallout 3 stands out head and shoulders above the rest.


nash  wins:
Fable 2 (Xbox 360) – courtesy Microsoft
World of Warcraft collectible – courtesy E-Xpress Interactive
Mirror’s Edge (PC) – courtesy EA/Excel Interactive

Other nominees in this category were:
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Fable 2
Lost Odyssey
Persona 3: FES
The World Ends With You
Valkyria Chronicles

IndianVideoGamer Staff pick:
Persona 3: FES

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