IndianVideoGamer Gamer Of The Year 2008

We didn’t initially plan to have the IndianVideoGamer Gamer of the Year category, but when a IVG member achieves something really significant, you just have to recognise and appreciate it in the best way possible. And it doesn’t get much bigger than winning the FIFA Interactive World Cup national final and being the one to represent India at the grand finals in Barcelona.

Anyone who’s played Omar on PSN, knows how good a FIFA 09 player he really is, so it’s no surprise to see him win the national finals of the FIWC, which were held in Mumbai last year. But not only is he a great player, but he’s also one of the most humble and down to earth guys you could ever meet, and we can’t think of a better person to represent IVG and India on the world stage.

Omar Jaleel aka boltonfan is the first ever IndianVideoGamer’ Game of the Year 2008. We’re proud to have him on IVG, we’re all proud of what he’s achieved, and we wish him all the best for the world finals. We’re also sending you a few gaming goodies courtesy EA (for when you need a break from FIFA 09). Congratulations.

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