IVG GOTY 2009: Best RPG

icon_feature1Staff casts nomination on Dragon Age: Origins!
Staff spots wild PS3 fanboys!
PS3 fanbots cast nomination on Demon’s Souls!
PS3 fanbots level up!
PS3 fanbots spot overclocked PC fanboys!
PC fanboys cast nomination on Dragon Age: Origins!
PS3 fanbots and PC fanboys caught in Flame War!
PS3 fanbots and PC fanboys in deadlock!
Staff sits on the sidelines, eat popcorn, drink coke. Watch the forums burn!
Forums burn! +5 flame damage with every post!
New challenger enters!
Community casts nomination!
Community votes for Dragon Age: Origins.
Community levels up!
Fanbots and fanboys level up!
Staff…eats popcorn and drinks coke (except for the poor SOB writing this)
Everybody +5 win*!


Community Pick: Dragon Age: Origins
IVG Staff Pick: Dragon Age: Origins

*HPS: Except for the idiot writing this, he just gets the chain-mail of fail

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